Top 8 Chips Brands in India

Chips brands

We all have a stash of chips stashed beneath our beds and behind our bookcases so we can eat them while our parents aren’t looking. Potato chips are a popular snack that is sour, spicy, and tasty. Individuals and groups of all ages adore them. The spicy, tangy, and flavoured potato chips are a beloved pastime snack.

They’re eaten practically everywhere, including picnic locations, movie theatres, and college campuses. In India, as well as the rest of the world, potato chips are one of the most popular snacks.

Potato Chips Brands

The most popular and greatest potato chips brands in India right now are listed here. The following is a list of the significant players in the Indian snack food market, as well as the leading packaged snack food manufacturers.

1. Lay’s


PepsiCo owns the Lay’s brand, which is one of India’s most popular chips. Lay’s American-style cream and onion chips have an appealing taste and available in Indian and foreign flavours.

The Lays chips company is one of the most well-known and popular potato chip brands in India. Frito Lay’s was the previous name for Lays. The chips are made with high-quality potatoes and cooked in the best edible oils available.¬†After school, Lays, the king of all chips brands in India, was our go-to snack.

2. Balaji

Balaji Chips

This brand snacks are already well-known in every Indian family. Balaji Wafers is an Indian food manufacturer that makes potato chips and Namkeen. Along with Parle’s and Bingo, the company has seen great success in the chips sector and is now a prominent participant in the Indian potato chip market.

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With its reasonable prices and wonderful taste, the company has witnessed tremendous growth in the chips sector and is now a big participant in the Indian potato chip market. The company’s headquarters are in Rajkot, a lovely city in Gujarat.

3. Parle

Parle chips

Parle is a well-known Indian chip company that also sells snacks and biscuits. Their wafers come in a variety of flavours and textures. Hand-picked potatoes are used to make wafers chips.

Aloo Chaat, Tangy Tomato, Classic Salted, and Peri Peri are among the six varieties available from the brand. The Indian food firm is well known for the Parle-G biscuit brand, which is India’s best-selling biscuit.

4. Bingo


Bingo is an Indian snack brand that was created in 2007 by ITC Limited. It is a new brand that has made a name for itself in the market. With promotional efforts like Mad Angles and Bingo tedhe Medhe, it has grown popular among the younger population. Bingo is available in 10 various flavours.

It was introduced with a wide range of packaged salted snacks, and it remains the market leader in finger snacks to this day. Bingo is also well-known in the international market due to its large range of flavours.

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5. Uncle

uncle chips

Amrit Agro Limited has purchased the Uncle Chips brand. These potato chips are the perfect blend of ingredients and taste. Uncle Chips potato chips are prepared from fresh, hand-picked potatoes and are seasoned with various spices.

The chips have spicy flavour and a crisp texture that is delicious and served with both hot and cold beverages. For beverages you can try Tea Brands in India

6. Haldiram’s


Haldiram’s is an potato chip manufacturer that also produces a variety of Indian sweets and munchies. Haldiram’s chips are produced using hand-picked potatoes and are bursting with delectable flavours.

This is an Indian-based firm that manufactures potato chips, sweets, and munchies. Its headquarters are in Kolkata, West Bengal’s capital.

7. Doritos


This is another popular and most-sold potato chip brand in India, introduced by PepsiCo India. It’s known for being one of India’s crunchiest cheese-flavored chips. Doritos has been making flavorful tortilla chips since 1964.

In 1972, Doritos Nacho chips brands in India were introduced for the first time. They feature a unique powerful flavour and a crunch that gives the ultimate munching experience.

8. Pringles


Pringles come in a variety of varieties with delectable flavours and scents, and the ingredients include potato, corn, and rice. These chips come in a variety of flavours and contain ingredients such as potato, maize, rice, and sugars.

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