Best Makeup Brand in the World

Makeup Brands

Lipsticks, eyeshadows, concealers, wrinkle concealers, and skin and hair treatments are among the most popular makeup items. Because there are many possibilities, shopping for Make Up Brands can be overwhelming. The cosmetics and makeup industries have expanded at an exponential rate with each passing day.

So when it comes to investing huge quantities of money on these items,;. we tend to be especially cautious. The following are Indian makeup brands made in India that ensure re-invention and appeal to customers by selling more high-quality beauty goods.

Makeup Brands

With so many brands to choose from and so many amazing products to choose from, it can be tough for shoppers to pick and choose a product from a specific brand.

We’ve compiled a list of the top makeup brands in India 2020 to help you narrow down your options and find the best of everything that are manufactured with the finest natural makeup brands in India.

1. MAC


Make-Up Art Cosmetics is a Toronto-based cosmetics firm started in 1984. M.A.C is also one of the most socially conscious brands, with projects including Cruelty-Free Beauty and Back to M.A.C Recycling. Since 1994, it has raised more than $86 million for charity through product sales.

People of various ages, genders, and races are catered to by this well-known cosmetics company. They recently launched a skin-care brand that has become a viral sensation. Its lipstick product line is well-known all over the world. There has been a major market rush since the corporation’s debut in India, which has entirely changed its focus to the company.

Since its inception, M.A.C cosmetics has been one of the most popular and well-liked makeup brands in India. They sell lipsticks, foundations, concealers, highlighters, bronzers, base creams, primers, mascara, eyeliner, and other cosmetics. Their items begin at INR 990 and are well worth the investment.

2. L’Oreal

WIN L'Oreal Paris
L’Oreal is one of the most well-known cosmetics brands in the world. This French cosmetics company, which was founded in 1909 and has its headquarters in Clichy, is the world’s largest. The L’Oreal organization offers a lot for you to follow as Deepika Padukone brand ambassador, one can expect high-quality products with unique formulations.

In addition to makeup, it focuses on skin care, hair care, and smell. In addition to cosmetics, L’Oreal offers foundations, compacts, concealers, lipsticks, blushes, mascaras, eye pencils, and more.

This is also one of India’s low-cost cosmetics brands. L’Oreal, one of India’s most prominent and long-standing beauty brands, offers a wide selection of makeup items for modern ladies. It has also been named one of the most ethical firms in the world on several occasions.


3. Lakme

Lakme Makeup
Hindustan Unilever owns Lakme, which is India’s top-selling cosmetics brand. The brand has been ranked number one among India’s top ten makeup firms, with Kareena Kapoor as a brand ambassador. The firm has made it a priority to dominate the Indian market since its founding in 1952.

Lakme’s eye-catching collections are something that every Indian beauty seeks. Its product line is wide, and its basic line is inexpensive for the average Indian woman. The brand’s skin care portfolio includes hydration, anti-aging, skin-brightening, moisturising, and sun protection.

Lakme is India’s original beauty brand, having been in business for more than 50 years and is one of the best makeup brands in India. The quality of their products is normal and superb, despite the fact that their costs aren’t too high. Two of their best-selling items are matte mousse lip and cheek colour and matte melt liquid lip colour.

Lipsticks, foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlighters, mascara, entire kits, and more are all available. Lakme has been doing much better than before when Kareena Kapoor became the brand’s face.

4. Maybelline

Maybelline is an L’Oreal subsidiary and one of the most well-known cosmetics brands in the world. The company’s headquarters are in New York, and it is well-known around the world for its high-quality and innovative products.

The company is known as the “first developer of dark black mascara,” which is now well-known all over the world.  When compared to the range of products supplied by its competitors, the products start at 199 INR, which is nearly nothing. Fit Me, the company’s newest product line, has everything a customer could possibly desire.

Maybelline is a fantastic makeup brand that caters to all skin tones. Mascaras, lipsticks, foundations, and eye shadows are among their top-selling products.

5. The Body Shop

The Body Shop
One precept serves as a guide. The Body Shop is a beauty brand that is inspired by nature. The company was founded in England in 1976. It presently offers over 1000 goods and sells them through 3,000 franchised outlets in 66 countries around the world. Its products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

As one of India’s most trusted companies, The Body Shop has discovered 100% vegetarian beauty items. Within your budget, choose from a large choice of foundations, lip products, bronzers, blushes, skin & hair products. Currently, the brand is providing an offer on its products where you can get 40% off on main items.

6. ColorBar


When it comes to top beauty companies in India, ColorBar USA is one of the most well-known. Since its inception in
2005, the brand has expanded to include Germany, France, Italy, Greece, the Middle East, and many other countries. ColorBar is a well-known cosmetics brand in India.

The formulations in the products are both distinctive and helpful to the skin. ColorBar is a popular makeup brand that has won many fans because to its high-quality and diverse selection of beauty and skincare items that are also very affordable. ColorBar is currently the country’s fifth-largest beauty product brand.

The brand’s most well-known products include Perfect Match Primer, Mascara, Lip Colors & Tints, Foundations, and Eye Makeup. Starting at INR 125, the exceptional and long-lasting formulations give the competition a run for their money. It has a huge assortment of lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes, and skin care products.

7. Nykaa


Nykaa has progressed from an e-marketplace to launching its own line of skincare and beauty products. This began as an online reseller of other cosmetic brands before launching its own beauty collection. Nykaa Cosmetics is one of those brands where customers can see progress. Customers may be able to afford the company’s products since they are not prohibitively expensive.

We adore the nail enamel collection, which includes lovely colours that are hard to get by elsewhere. Their Crayon Lipsticks, which come in a cool range of reds and creams, are another standout. Their exclusive items start at INR 199, and they’ve lately introduced compact cosmetic packaging that’s even more budget-friendly and travel-friendly.

Nykaa has been a master at everything they’ve attempted, from an e-marketplace to developing their own line of skincare and beauty. Their beauty range includes lip colours, eye shadow palettes, primer, foundation, concealers, highlighters, nail paints, and more.

7. Avon

Avon is a global cosmetics firm founded in US, known for encouraging women to start their own business. It is available in over 100 countries. It sells a wide range of cosmetics as well as perfumes, skincare, and haircare items. This forward-thinking brand was founded in 1886 and has long been in the industry with its award-winning revolutionary goods.

8. Faces Canada

Faces Canada
Faces Canada, a newcomer to the country but already well-known, is tearing up the market with its incredible beauty products and cosmetics. With its fantastic assortment of cosmetic goods, the brand, which was recently launched in India, has already won over the Indian market. The pricing range begins at INR 200, making them quite affordable.

Despite its international fame, the brand’s cosmetics are both affordable and of excellent quality. Creamy concealers, bronzers, contour sticks, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, brow fillers, nail enamels, and more are available in addition to foundations.

9. NYX

NYX’s accomplishment is quite remarkable. Owner Toni decided to sell the company to L’Oreal for $500 million in 2014, and L’Oreal bought it. The success of the business can be attributed to its high-quality products that are suitable for all skin types. Lip creams, eyeliner, and foundation are among the brand’s most well-known beauty items.

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10 Revlon India

Revlon is a US-based international cosmetics firm that will undoubtedly make you trust in cosmetics more because the brand’s products are well worth the money and it gives the greatest makeup in India. In the world of lip colours, the brand is defining a new trend. With the incredibly rich and lustrous variety, you can reinvent your look.

It was created in 1932 and now owns 15 different cosmetic brands. In India, Revlon produces and sells colour cosmetics, hair colour, skincare, and beauty care products. Revlon is a well-known cosmetics brand in India. It sells a wide range of cosmetics, personal care items, and perfumes.

For the modern lady, Revlon has been inventing bold groundbreaking goods. They want to create a statement with their creative products, which are formulated by expert cosmetic brands in India, so you can be bold in your own way.



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