Top 10 Leggings Brands in India

Leggings Brands

Every season, there is a new trendy combo option for women that provides an easy-to-carry option and the quality to enhance their attractiveness. As the world changes, women’s combining companions for suits and kurtis, are becoming a thing of the past as a trendy and diverse set of combination offer available as leggings are the new comfortable approach for women.

A few new strategies have swamped the market and attire stores in the ever-evolving fashion industry. People have embraced these new styles and have given up their old ones. Leggings are one of the latest strategies for women. They are skintight and cover the legs. Leggings are a woman’s or a girl’s Stormed Wardrobe in India.

Leggings are a great illustration of how fashion and comfort can go hand in hand. These are a great alternative if you want to look attractive without sacrificing your comfort. They’re elastic, colourful, soft, and comfortable, and they come in a variety of colours to match different outfits.

Leggings wear

Leggings are also far less expensive than other types of bottom clothing, making them the preferred choice of many women around the world. Leggings go with anything and truly make lives easier, whether you’re dressing a long shirt, a Kurti, or a plain t-shirt. A crop top and tunic can be worn with them.

The most well-liked feature of these leggings is its exceptional shade mix, which is combined with adaptable based fittings and a stretchable closet classification. Leggings are one of the most essential accessories that any woman desires. Here are some of the most popular wardrobe basics to try.

In this piece, we’ll go over some of the greatest leggings brands in India so you may always be fashionable. If you’re in a hurry to buy a pair of Kurtis, after reading about their quality, have a look at the best available selections, such as Leggings, in the list to find the best.

Best Leggings Brands in India



Biba is one of the most well-known women’s clothing brands, thanks to its outstanding offerings. Meena Bindra created the company in 1988, and it is based in New Delhi, India. Due to its attractive and unusual apparel variety, Biba is a popular choice among all women in the country. You may also get stylish leggings, palazzo, skirts, and other indo-western apparel as part of their product line.

The brand has roughly 150+ stores across the country, making it easy for everyone to acquire apparel from the company. Look at our Top saree brands in India. These Apparels is India’s offers a large choice of designer costumes and clothing for ladies, including salwar kameez, sarees, lehengas, Kurtis, and leggings.

Due to the diversity of colours, quality, and sizes available for all ladies, also known as Top Brands for Leggings in India. Their Leggings are constructed of a wonderfully soft cotton fabric that keeps you comfy throughout the day. They are also available in a variety of colours to mix n match with various tops.

You won’t have to worry about the fit or comfort of these leggings because they include an elasticated waistband. Biba is credited with starting the trend for ready-to-wear ethnic fashion for ladies. Since its beginning, the brand has grown steadily, the development of a particular ethnic clothing collection for little girls with exclusive boutiques.

2. Lyra

This brand is one of India’s most prominent women’s apparel brands, been established in 2012. Lyra is the new name for the firm, which makes lounge wear such leggings, trousers, t-shirts, pajamas, and Indo-western bottoms. It has a strong consumer base in India, where it currently holds a 38 percent market share.

The Lyra Women Leggings are made of a cotton and spandex blend that is extremely comfy. These have a slim-fit shape that flatters your legs and are ideal for pairing with long shirts and Kurtis. Because these are ankle-length, they may be worn with both Indian and western clothing. They also have a fantastic line of children’s clothing.

All of the legends have been designed and are available in various materials such as cotton and others. Lux is unique among Indian manufacturer brands in that it offers a variety of apparel options such as inner and underpants for both men and women. In the winter, women want tactics for staying warm while also exhibiting their personal flair.

3. Global Desi

Global Desi
Global Desi is an influential and stylish Indian clothing brand. It was founded by Anita Dongre, a well-known fashion designer who also owns a number of other labels. The company now has 210 locations in India and began operations in Mauritius in 2013. The company’s headquarters are in Mumbai, where it continues to operate globally.

Global Desi leggings are available in a range of styles and colours, allowing you to match your outfits. They’re made of a cotton-spandex blend that’s stretchy and comfortable enough to wear all day. The solid colours are durable and do not fade or taint other clothing when washed. You may easily wash them with your other garments in your washing machine.

You can choose your garments for daily wear or even a design that would execute your reach out during a specific moment, from tops to dresses to Kurtis to bottom wear. Global Desi is one of the most popular brands for buying leggings since it offers such a large selection of bottoms, Kurti dresses, and tops.

Palazzos, cropped pants, leggings, dhoti pants, shorts, and wide-leg pants are all part of the collection. The leggings are fashionable and have a slimming effect. They are available in solid colours and designs and are made of various fabrics such as viscose, knit lycra, and polyester. They are really comfortable and keep you dry throughout the day.

4. W for Women

W for women leggings
W for Women is a well-known apparel brand in India that produces high-quality items. It began with a store in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, and was one of the first brands in India to have a 24-hour e-commerce site. It has a large number of stores in India and has made a name for itself abroad.

All of the Kurtis are hand-made, and they may be dressed up with leggings, shirts, and other clothing. W For Woman is India’s most well-known fashion brand for modern women, as well as a one-stop shopping destination in the retail clothing store chain. If you want to buy top wear, you can check out our post Top 10 Kurti brands in India. W Kurtas, dresses, base wear, tops, and leggings are also available for in India.

This brand’s leggings come in a variety of colours and patterns, as well as bold examples and prints. They’re made of a blend of cotton and lycra and make for comfy bottoms on hot late spring days, making them a solid candidate among top brands in leggings in India.

They go well with straight-fitting Kurtis and a variety of tops, as well as shoes and heels. This brand’s leggings come in solid hues as well as striking patterns. They bottle pleasantly on hot summer days because they combine cotton and lycra.

5. Soundarya

Soundarya Women

Soundarya is an Indian fashion brand that aims to make Indian dress more comfortable and accessible to all women. Because of its high quality and longevity, it is considered one of best woman’s leggings brands in India. The Soundarya leggings are made of ultra combed and elastic cotton that has been bio-washed, making them extremely soft and comfy.

Soundarya re-defines Indian ethnicity by staying within the realm of customs while altering some advanced effects. The basic purpose of Soundarya is to increase brand availability by establishing brand visibility at diverse points of interest through partnerships with numerous deal channels. Also check out Wholesale Sarees

They aspire to become the leading brand in the Indian wear category and to celebrate women’s natural beauty. They cater to the classic Indian lady who seeks a significant investment in a consistent high-quality item that is well-fitting and well-priced.

Soundarya’s work culture emphasizes inclusion, collaboration, elite, and opportunity. These churidar leggings are soft, comfortable, and stylish. They have a waist size range of 28-36 inches. It’s made up of 96% cotton and 4% Lycra.

6. Go Colors

Go Colors

Go Colours is a great place to start for ethnic Indian bottom wear in India feature a trendy, slim-fit design that pairs well with a variety of outfits. They’re constructed of a breathable cotton fabric that’s comfortable to the touch. The leggings have a mid-rise waist that covers your back nicely and gives you a well-shaped profile.

This brand offers a wide range of fit options. The brand has a significant web presence and attracts a large number of traffickers. Bottoms, Jennings, and denim are also available. Leggings come in a variety of styles, including crop leggings, shimmer leggings, and churidar leggings.

Every one of them is stunning, quite comfortable, comes in a variety of colours, and has elasticized belts. The shine design is perfect for night time with its extra sparkle. The edited style is delicate and warm on the skin, notable in one of the best leggings companies in India, and is produced utilizing a stitched cotton stretch.

7. Globus


The company has a strong reputation in the market for producing high-quality items with no compromises. Its current headquarters are in Mumbai, India, and it runs smoothly throughout the country. They offer a slim-fit design that will make your body appear more toned and confident.

Because they’re cropped, you can pair them with your favourite tops to create a completely different look. The clothing store offers a diverse selection of fashionable women’s clothing in the most up-to-date designs and trends. The brand aims to promote fashion awareness and is inspired by India’s vibrant hues and chaos.

Furthermore, the rates of this brand are really affordable for anyone to purchase! Globus is synonymous with style among young Indian men and women. Globus has consistently produced well-measured apparel and accessories since its launch in 1999.

The former is made of Viscose and spandex and features a gleaming insert and an elasticated belt. You can read our latest post Top 10 Jeans Brands in India. Both are great for casual outings and give you a fashionable style. Globus is a brand that young Indian men and women associate with fashion.

8. Softline


Rupa’s Softline premium quality leggings are wardrobe staples for Indian women. Softline leggings offer creativity, diversity, and comfort in a wide choice of colours to fit their every mood. Rupa’s Softline outstanding feature set of leggings are wardrobe staples for Indian women.

You can buy the highest quality leggings brand in India here. This brand has been known as an inner wear brand since our childhood, but it will now be known as a clothes company. It will provide you with the softest and most durable leggings to pair with your Kurtis or Kurtas.

9. Prisma


Legends’ designer clothing is available in a large collection. You can even choose your bottoms. They can give you with the best leggings to assist you stand out. The company exemplifies modern-day fit and style, with a focus on both style and quality. They have full-length, ankle-length, and capris, are available from the brand.

10. Forever 21

Forever 21
In the last 30 years, this company has accomplished a tremendous deal. Despite its rapid expansion, Forever 21 remains a family-owned company. This brand provides every type of legging you can think of. Among the printed leggings, plaid designs made of rayon, spandex, and polyester stand out.

In solid colours and designs, you’ll receive a high rise with an elastic banded waist. There are numerous stretch-night leggings available. There are various possibilities for those who want to look athletic. A stretch-night leggings with a colour block design and a striped trim with insets is one of them.

There are also sheen nylon stretch-knit leggings that are manufactured by washing the fabric for sweat-free comfort. A metal knit comprised of nylon, polyester, metallic yarn, and spandex is a wonderful alternative if you want additional shine.