Fashion Jewelry brands in India

jewellery brands

The Indian subcontinent has the oldest history of jewellery production, and gold and silver are regarded sacred by
Hindus and have high status among royalty. In India, there are a number of well-known jewellery brands. People prefer to buy from well-known jewellery companies since they don’t want to risk their money in an unknown
store. Before purchasing jewellery, the majority of us conduct extensive research.

Jewelry Brands

Many of us are wary of transacting online, and now we may do so without seeing the jewels. As a result of the reliability difficulties, many of us continue to buy jewellery offline. The patterns and styles of Indian jewellery vary depending on the area. The Gems & Jewellery industry is very important in India’s economy. Because of its low costs and abundance of highly skilled labor, India is considered the global Jewellery market’s hub.

Jewellery is strongly established in Indian culture and heritage, and it is not merely a fad for ladies. It’s always a manner of expressing oneself. In India, many cities have different jewellery styles. Dynamic women who know how to carry themselves with flair and confidence are driving today’s world. Artificial jewellery is more cost-effective than having your wardrobe upgraded with diamond and gold jewellery brands in India on a regular basis.

Jewellery brands

Artificial jewellery never makes a sacrifice in terms of aesthetics. As a result, it is critical for everyone of us to be aware of which is the best jewellery brands in India

Top 10 most popular and well-known jewellery brands in India for silver, gold, diamond jewellery.

1. Tanishq

Tata Company’s Tanishq is India’s most trusted jewellery brand, backed by the Tata Group and TIDCO. Mia, one of the Tanishq group’s most successful jewellery brands in India, caters to working women. Carat Lane, a Titan Tanishq
Partnership company, now offers the latest diamond jewellery, gold coins, and earring designs at the greatest pricing in India.

They have best diamond jewellery brands in India. Tanishq has partnered with a number of well-known jewellery companies to provide the most suitable product options directly through its website. Tanishq is one of India’s most well-known and no 1 jewellery brands in India.

2. Amrapali

Amrapali Jewellery House in Jaipur not only develops and manufactures Indian jewellery, but it also runs a museum
that exhibits traditional Indian jewellery of various varieties. Amrapali Jewels, one of India’s most stunning jewel houses, was founded in 1978. It primarily focuses on the design, production, and distribution of premium gemstone jewellery. Not just in India, but also in Pakistan and the United Kingdom, this is best jewellery brands in India.

3. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

With over 250 shops in ten countries, Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the most popular Indian jewellery company.
Malabar Jewellery has one of the biggest jewellery brands in India and  world’s largest chains of jewellery stores, with popular names such as mine diamonds, precia gem, period jewellery, and heavenly.

Era jewellery and Precia diamonds are two of the top jewellery brands in India. M. P. Ahammed launched Malabar Gold and Diamonds in the year 1993. Its headquarters are in Kozhikode, a lovely city in Kerala’s state.

4. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri or TBZ has ventured into the men’s jewellery market, with its Zaveri Bazaar showroom in Mumbai being India’s largest. TBZ is one of India’s oldest brands, with 37 showrooms throughout the country. In truth, it is a rare brand that has recently entered the market of men’s jewellery. Furthermore, its Mumbai location is the country’s largest jewels store.

The Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri is an internationally recognized Indian jewellery company. The corporation was formed in 1864 and now has locations in nearly all of the United States. TBZ jewelers can be found at a variety of stores as well as on all of India’s major e-commerce sites.

The official website: TBZtheoriginals

5. Bluestone

Bluestone is India’s premier jeweler, specializing in high-end, custom-made pieces. This jewellery firm offers 8000
unique jewellery designs that may be customized in terms of gold hue, purity, and diamond clarity to fulfil the needs of different customers. Bluestone is the best fashion jewellery brands in India.

6. PC Jewellery

PC Jeweller
PC Jeweler satisfies today’s consumers’ rising need to explore, discover, purchase, and learn more about their jewellery products. They sell gold, diamond, silver, and gemstone jewellery. They deal in a wide range of jewellery styles, including classic, contemporary, and fusion styles. PC Jeweler is a New Delhi-based company that manufactures and sells gold and diamond jewellery in India.

Jewellery is available in a wide range of styles and collections at the company’s franchise and retail locations across India. P. C. Chandra Jewelers is one of India’s most prestigious diamond jewellery businesses. P.C. Chandra Jewelers has certified diamonds of the highest grade that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

7. Kalyan Jewelers

Kalyan Jeweller
With 100 shops across India, Kalyan Jewelers is the country’s largest jewellery retailer. It is part of the Kalyan brand, which produces not just jewellery but also sarees, silks, and other items. Kalyan Jewelers is one of India’s most recognizable names in the jewellery industry. This is the top gold jewellery brands in India.

T.S. Kalyanaraman, an Indian businessman, created the company in 1993. Kalyan Jewelers is headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala’s most beautiful city. Indian jewellery, with its incredible artistry and variety, is a wonderful representation of India’s tradition, culture, and diversity. Read our latest post shoe brands in India.

8. Joyallukas Jewellery

Joyalukkas is a well-known Indian jewellery company established in Thrissur, Kerala, with 140 showrooms around the world. Joyalukkas Jewellery Stores has a large selection of jewellery and designs, making it one of India’s greatest jewellery buying destinations.

This brand, which is also from Kerala, is a world-renowned jeweler. Joyalukkas Jewelers was established in 1987 by Joy Alukkas, an Indian businessman. Joyalukkas is a well-known brand throughout Southern India, not just in Kerala. Joy Alukkas now has 160 jewellery boutiques spread across 11 countries, not just in India.

9. Gitanjali

D’damas, a joint venture between Gitanjali and D’damas, was one of the top five brands of coloured stone jewellery.
With brands like Nakshatra, D’damas, Gili, Asmi, Santini, Maya, Giantti, and Shuddhi, the Gitanjali Group was India’s largest branded jewellery retailer.

The Gitanjali Group owns D’damas Jewellery, one of the most well-known names in the jewellery industry. The company was created in 2003 and specializes in various types of gems, including high-end diamond accessories. Gitanjali is known as one of the best fashion jewellery brands in India.

10. Shubh Jewelers

Rajesh Exports refines, designs, and sells gold and jewellery through Shubh Jewelers, a branded retail jewellery chain shop in India. Rajesh Exports is India’s sixth largest firm by revenue, with plans to grow their Shubh Jewelers retail outlets globally. Shubh jewelers, which is part of the country’s seventh-largest firm in terms of income output, is noted for its artistry.

The brand has revolutionized the jewellery retail industry by providing customers with the finest designs and certified purity at affordable costs. They create ‘Real Rate Per Gram,’ in which the great designs of certified purity Jewellery are offered by weight at the rate of gold, with no additional expenses of any kind.