Japanese Watch Brands in India


Japan’s image in the watch business is more about producing high-end, reasonably priced timepieces that emphasis performance and functionality above watches as luxury items. Having said that, this does not imply that Japan is devoid of high-end watchmakers. The exact opposite. Just that the largest Japanese watch brands and companies tend to concentrate on more cheap watches.

The truth is that Japan is a significant player in the watch sector as well. Additionally, Japan actually outpaces Switzerland in terms of total watch production. The main distinction is that Switzerland is distinguished by its focus on fine watchmaking and its high-end luxury watches.

Japanese Watch Brands

Japanese watch brands are well-liked because they are less expensive than their Western counterparts for a variety of reasons, but most notably for lower production costs. These Japanese companies have enjoyed tremendous success on a global scale in the lower price range of watches, particularly in the digital watch market.

  • Seiko

Seiko is the first Japanese watch brands that anyone will think of. Although the name is frequently associated with straightforward, low-cost digital watches, it actually has a far wider range of timepieces available, from the most affordable digital watches to the most expensive automatics.

Since then, Seiko has been manufacturing both mechanical and automated timepieces. Up until 1960, when it debuted its own high-end watch line, the Grand Seiko, it had always been regarded as inferior to western brands. 

The word “Seiko” means “Exquisite” or “Success” in Japanese, probably to reflect the founder’s hope that the business would produce fine watches for Japan that could compete with those made by western brands.

  • Citizen

Citizen is the following Japanese watch brands in India. This company has gained popularity recently for its Eco-Drive solar watches. These solar watches are among the most dependable and hassle-free timepieces available. It’s unquestionably an improvement over a typical quartz watch, which requires a battery change every one to two years.

Citizen is another well-known Japanese watch manufacturer. The quartz timepieces Citizen is most known for producing are accessible and reasonably priced. The business was established on the principle that “every citizen deserves a high-quality timepiece.” These days, Citizen produces quartz timepieces that are difficult to match in terms of both price and quality. With a typical automatic watch’s average 2-day power reserve, such a thing is not achievable. Watches are an important accessory but you also need to smell good. Also read top 10 perfume brands in India

Additionally, the recharge method, whether self-winding or manual winding, still needs user input. The limited power reserve is the only aspect about automatics that I dislike. They have created excellent models with a variety of features.

  • Casio

Casio is a well-known Japanese watch brands that is praised for producing timepieces that are both very inexpensive and of great quality. Since its inception in 1946, Casio has placed a priority on the digital side of things. After all, Casio also produces a wide range of other digital items, including calculators and keyboards. Casio was the first company to produce a completely electronic calculator, Casio could fairly simply incorporate this technology into its wristwatches because the business had already produced digital screens for its calculators.

The next brand is Casio, which is well-known for its digital timepieces and G-Shock sports watches. The business originally began by manufacturing consumer goods, most notably the first electronic calculator ever created in 1957.

Since then, Casio has created a wide range of electronic devices, including calculators, musical instruments, digital cameras, printers, projectors, and, of course, watches. The manufacturer opted against using automatic movements in watches and instead tended to concentrate on quartz and features. After all, the company’s principal business is electronics.

  • Orient

Orient is the final Japanese watch brands on our list. Given that Orient is a subsidiary of Seiko, it is one of the lesser-known brands compared to the others. However, it didn’t begin that way. Even though it has a history dating back to 1901, Orient was an independent watch manufacturer that was established in 1950. There is a list of top 10 best watch brands in India article that you might like. 

One of the three pillars of the massive watch company was founded in 2009 when it became a completely owned subsidiary of Seiko. Orient appears to be concentrating on mechanical/automatic watch movements in the more affordable price categories, in contrast to other manufacturers that provide a wide range of timepieces.

  • Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko, as its name implies, is a Seiko sub-brand that is launching with the goal of producing some of the world’s greatest luxury Japanese watch brands in India with an emphasis on exquisite watchmaking, outstanding movements, and gorgeous designs. Grand Seiko watches compete with Swiss luxury watch brands in the $5+ sector and are in that range. To demonstrate that Japanese watchmakers could produce watches that were at least as good as Swiss ones was the brand’s original goal.

Grand Seiko is closely in link to Seiko, but in recent years they have grown a little more independent, producing additional dive watches in addition to the classics. While still a decent deal, this watch costs 20 times as much as the majority of standard Seiko’s. And it manifests. The brand is home to some of the watchmaker’s greatest technical wonders.

  • Credor


Credor, the final member of the Seiko trio, combines watchmaking with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. If it requires a tremendous amount of time and expertise, it’s undoubtedly on a Credor someplace. Dials covered with diamond dust, hand-painted sceneries, etc. The same is true of the motions, such as the Minute Repeater, which uses a glass ring modeled like a Japanese wind chime to produce music.