The Ultimate Guide to Dubai Perfume Brands and Fragrances


You’re sure to run into something unique in the UAE if you simply stroll through any mall or past any local. Or perhaps we might say, take a really unique whiff. The UAE is undoubtedly an expert when it comes to fragrance and aroma traditions. Here, wearing perfume is a long-standing custom that is really important. It is not something you spray on as you dash out the door. It requires patience, commitment, and a great deal of enthusiasm.

Whether it’s the fact that their wearers leave their perfume only by walking past you or the fact that these aromas last for a long time, Arabian fragrances have always been beautiful. Smells and fragrances now play a crucial part in Arabs’ daily life. Those who are among the earliest civilizations in the world to have incorporated fragrance into daily living. About 5,000 years ago, Arabic civilization began using perfumes. Actually, the history of Arabic perfumery has a significant influence on the modern perfume industry. These smells are peculiar and can evoke regional cultures.

Best perfume Brands in Dubai

Even though the greatest Arabic fragrances have some characteristics (such as unending duration and an exquisite range of notes), each country’s particular aroma nevertheless varies. For instance, perfume created in Dubai typically reflects a broader spectrum of western and Indian influences. The greatest Saudi Arabian fragrances and colognes, on the other hand, are often lighter and have more traditional elements and origins. Look out the 10 Dubai perfume brands that are most popular.

1. Swiss Arabian

Customers that care about fashion will love it. The famous Dubai perfume brands Swiss Arabian offers a distinctive selection of beautiful, exotic, and premium designer fragrances in condensed oil and Eau De Parfum formats. These are the scents that fit your personality and linger in your memory for a long time.

Swiss Arabian creates aromas that fuse the best of both cultures, as its name implies, by drawing influence from both Western workmanship and Eastern traditions. Or scents that are “the perfect mix,” as the company puts it. Being the first (and oldest) fragrance house to be established in the UAE, it was established in 1974, solidifying its status as an Emirati heritage brand with devoted followers all over the world. 

2. M.Micallef

Co-founders of M.Micallef Geoffrey and Martine, who divide their time between Dubai and Grasse, France, are experts in recreating smells with a European flair. The brand’s beautiful, crystal-studded perfume bottles are the only thing that can compete with their sophisticated mixtures of sea accents, tropical fruits, and agar wood. Limited versions that include imaginative surprises, such a little mascara tucked away in the flacon’s stopper.

3. Ne’emah

Perfumer Mohammed Ne’emah creates unique takes on traditional scents that are popular among Emirati trend-setters and only offered at the world’s largest cosmetics retailer Sephora. One of the first Arabian perfume firms to enter the mainstream, Ne’emah was established in 1997 and serves both regional and Western tastes. The Dubai perfume brands was founded in 1997 by Kuwaiti-born Mohammed Ne’emah, and according to the business, it has grown into a well-known global fragrance sensation.

4. Shaghaf Al Arab

The Arabian method of experiencing love! Immerse yourself in an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had, made with elements that embody the love of heritage, scents, and nature that characterizes Arabian culture. This scent will make you ponder. It combines Roses and Figs just so, along with Betel and Areca nuts that have been crushed and combined perfectly. It also has a subtle limestone top note.

Shaghaf Oud Eau De Parfum is a delicious aroma that should not be taken lightly. It is a gourmet smell with saffron as the top note, oud, rose, and vanilla as the middle and base notes. The beautiful plush bottle of Shaghaf Oud Eau De Parfum also makes it a perfect present to give away. It’s just what you need to leave a memorable impression without going over the top.

5. Al Rasasi

Over the last three decades, Al Rasasi Perfumes in City Centre Mirdif has established a renowned name for producing exquisite oriental and western perfumes that are unmatched in quality, refinement, and elegance. The Dubai-based firm offers a wide variety of scents with various notes, types, and applications to its customers. Professional perfumers at a cutting-edge facility create and create Al Rasasi’s perfumes, which are then distributed in more than 50 nations worldwide. 

6. Khususi

The Arabic cologne and perfume company Khususi is renowned for their complex, nuanced scents that appear to tell a fresh tale with each spritz. Each Khususi perfume is a superb representation of what an Arabic smell should be, heavily influenced by its UAE history with exotic elements to match. 

While Oud Khalis is a sweet, royal concoction of oud, cinnamon, and nutmeg, Ser Al Zahbi is a whirl of oriental woody notes. A unisex scent with a spicy finish and a leaning towards the masculine end is available from Ser Al Fiddi. The greatest Arabic perfumes for special occasions are those from Khususi.

7. Afnan

Afnan is a well-known Arabic perfume brand for women that is available in more than 30 nations. It’s home to a wide variety of Arabic smells with western influences, fusing together its origins from the United Arab Emirates and its worldwide appeal. 

A rare Tiffany’s aquamarine container opens the door for a rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang aroma that is equally stunning. One of the sweetest Arabic scents, Modest Pour Femme Deux has delectable notes of caramel, chocolate, cherries, and raspberries. One of the most adaptable smells available is Ornament Purple Allure, which manages to combine citrus, gourmand, floral, and spicy notes simultaneously.

8. Janan

Find your heart leading your soul to experience the utmost happiness and freshness. Blending wild grass with sweet melon adds a touch of dewy sweetness and freshness. Jasmine and rose provide the essential flowery undertones. Finally, the warmth required to balance this soul-stirring scent is added with sweet apple and cinnamon!

This unique scent is every fragrance lover’s fantasy because it draws inspiration from traditional Arabic culture. This perfume is a must-have since it is made to absolute perfection with great regard to prevent discoloration of clothing.

9. Burberry


A smell created for the ideal woman has now arrived from the Burberry brand. Everywhere you go, you may flaunt your talents and good looks. Here, you may find lovely fragrances of raspberry and cherry that are tantalizing but delightful. This scent is associated with women who have more sophisticated senses of style.

10. Lattafa

A Dubai-based perfume dynasty is called Lattafa. It’s a renowned Arabian fragrance company for ladies who enjoy luxury and is known for its exquisitely detailed aromas, many of which brag of amazing longevity. 

One of the greatest Arabic scents for evening events is Raghba Wood Intense, which has a powerful scent with sillage to match. With sumptuous jasmine, sandalwood, guaiac wood, and patchouli notes and exceptional skin longevity, Ramz Lattafa Gold is regal and stunning.