Best Skin Care Brands in the World

Skin care brands

Poor food, pollution, and a lack of time to take care of oneself are just a few of the issues we encounter when it comes to Skincare. All of these things have an overall poor impact on our health, and our skin is typically the first to exhibit the effects of a bad lifestyle. The Indian cosmetics business has been booming for the past few years.

When our skin is unhealthy, it has an instant impact on our appearance, making us appear older and drab. As a result, our self-esteem suffers. If you don’t want to go through all of this, you should start devoting enough time to skincare now. Unfortunately, skincare is not a one-step process; different products are used for different purposes.

Choose the best skincare products in the Indian market to avoid putting your skin at risk of further damage. In India, there are a variety of Skin Care Brands in the World brands to choose from. And the majority of us have no idea which one is the best, which one would fit our complexion, or what to look for when selecting a brand.

Skincare Brands

When it comes to what you put on your skin, you need be extremely cautious because some of the harm produced by harsh skincare products may be irreversible. The new concept of beauty is clear, healthy, and nourished skin. When your skin pores are open and free, inner beauty reflects on your skin.

Moreover, maintaining great skin requires more than just exercise and a nutritious diet. Only a few skincare ingredients are required to maintain your exterior layer. As a result, here is a list of India’s Top 10 skincare brands, all of which are herbal, ayurvedic, and dermatologically tested. The top skincare brands will save the day.

We have a list of the best skin care products brands in India to assist you in your efforts and to help you repair your skin. As a result, organic and herbal skincare products have gained in popularity in recent years. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 skin care brands in India 2020.

1. Himalaya

The brand himalaya is currently a well-known global herbal personal care firm with over 500 products sold in more than 100 countries. It is one of the skincare brands that is well-known for the high quality of its products. It is well-known for its acne-prone skin care products.

Himalaya Herbals is an Indian company with a 90-year history. This brand, on the other hand, has remained relatively unknown for a long time, just making the top five skincare brands in the country in the last two decades. This company provides you with everything you’ll ever need in terms of skincare, so you won’t have to go elsewhere.

Starting with Himalaya for their incredibly popular neem collection for oily acne-prone skin. Both the face cleanser and the pack are extremely cost-efficient and effective. Their scrubs are ok, but their face packs have worked wonderfully. Moisturizer, sunscreen, cleanser, toner, and face wash are examples of skincare products.

For anyone with sensitive skin who wants to even out their natural hue but is on a budget. The saffron face wash and face pack is another wonderful skin care product from what they provide, which includes an array of products focusing in brightening, whitening, de-tanning, detoxification, and acne remedies.

There are a variety of skincare products available, ranging from skin protection to remedies for various skin diseases. They also produce high-quality women’s lotions to treat acne and pimples. They use neem as an ingredient in some of their goods. Neem Face Wash/Cleanser is widely recommended by women.

2. Olay

Olay is a cosmetics firm based in the United States that sells products. Proctor & Gamble owns the Olay skincare brand in the United States. The skincare company was established in 1952. Their entire range is focused on moisturising and toning the skin. The company’s anti-aging products are extremely popular.

Olay is the world’s most popular cosmetic and one of India’s most popular skincare brands, with results that rival high-end luxury goods. The brand is also well-known in India. This is a high-end brand, and each product lives up to the OLAY guarantee. It addresses the whole range of skincare needs of people of all ages and skin conditions.

If you’re seeking for a high-end skincare line, OLAY is the brand for you, and you can finally stop looking for something better. OLAY will provide you with whatever you require. Face washes, cleansers, face creams, moisturizers, and eye creams are among the most popular Olay skin care products.

3. Neutrogena

Johnson & Johnson owns Neutrogena, a consumer goods company. They are India’s best skincare brands because of their high quality and dedication to its customers. They have excellent equipment as well as a wide range of blackhead, anti-acne, and gentle care products. Their product portfolio includes a variety of items.

They are both effective and gentle on the skin, and they are also relatively inexpensive. The best products include their anti-acne foaming cleanser, deep clean foamy cleanser, complete clean face wash, deep clean pores unclogging exfoliator, and anti-acne face wash. The Neutrogena skincare line is available in over 70 countries.

Their anti-acne face wash, deep clean foamy cleanser, deep clean face wash, deep clean pore unclogging scrub, and anti-acne face wash are the best. They are extremely effective while also being relatively inexpensive and gentle on the skin. It is one of India’s most popular skin care brands.

Neutrogena is unquestionably one of India’s greatest skincare brands. Night cream, deep cleanser, foamy cleanser, and moisturizer are examples of skincare products. Their products are also excellent for oily, dry, and sensitive skin types. The products are safe for all skin types and have no negative effects.


Creams, facial kits, and other cosmetics are available from the brand. VLCC is well-known for taking a holistic approach to beauty treatments. Their skin care products are available for men and women with all skin types. This is a relatively recent brand, having been founded just in 1989.

Despite the intense rivalry in the sector, this brand is growing in popularity among Indian buyers. VLCC is an Indian company that not only makes tremendous promises to its clients, but also follows through on those promises with each and every product. Customers are happy and they will return to this brand for all of their future requirements.

5. Lotus

You’ve probably heard of Lotus Herbals, which is one of India’s greatest skincare companies. Lotus Herbals was founded in 1993, and in less than a decade, it has risen to become one of India’s top five skincare companies. In India, this is one of the best natural skin care brands in India.

Because they offer a variety of products in various price ranges, they have quickly established themselves as a prominent player in the skincare sector, despite the fierce competition. Lotus Herbals is a best cosmetic brand in India that offers a unique skincare line. SPF sunscreens and SPF 20-night gel are among the best products available.

The products contain the most up-to-date cosmetic technologies. If your skin is sensitive to the sun’s rays, Lotus Herbals’ sunscreen collection is your savior. Night cream, sunscreen crème, moisturizer, face cleanser, and toner are examples of skincare products. Lotus herbal products are a perfect blend of science and nature.

The company’s skincare products are grouped into several categories, including face care, sun care, anti-aging, and more. Face cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and massage crème are among the most popular face care products. Shampoos, conditioners, and herbal oils are among the hair care items available from the company.

6. Nivea

Nivea is one of India’s most well-known skincare brands. The 4 fundamental categories in which skincare products are classified are body, face, female, and sun. Nivea is devoid of preservatives and colorants, and suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. They have products for men & women, and cater to all skin combinations.

They sell moisturizers, daily creams, and cold creams, among other things. Nivea is a brand that has been around for over a century. This is one of the most well-known and well-respected skincare brands in the world. Nivea’s products are only released to the market after extensive research and testing.

As a result, you can safely use Nivea skincare products. Millions of people use Nivea skincare products all across the world, and the company has products for all skin types. Nivea is a well-known skincare brand that was established in 1911. It’s a skincare company based out of Germany.

7. L’Oreal

As the premier anti-aging skincare brand in India, Loreal is one of the “Top 10 skincare brands in India.” It is one of India’s major cosmetic brands, and it formulates and prevents skin ageing. L’Oréal is a French personal care brand and the world’s largest cosmetics company. This is global cosmetics giant synonymous with beauty and innovation.

From entry-level to high-end professionals, they offer high-quality things at all price points. They also have a huge selection of cosmetics, hair products, and skincare products that are suitable for all skin types. Eye cream, night cream, cleansers, and toners are among the brand’s most popular skincare items.

8. Vichy

This is one of my splurge skin care brands, which is a tiny step up in quality and price from Neutrogena. It’s fantastic for sensitive skin, just like Neutrogena, due of its remarkable ingredient list. One of the most well-known skincare businesses.

They have a three-in-one product that works beautifully as a face pack when your skin is red and breakout-prone, and their acne control face wash is to die for! They’re such great skin products that I’ve already used up one of each and ordered replacements. Give this a try if you have combination skin and are going through a breakup.

9. Cetaphil

Cetaphil creates skincare that has been dermatologically tested. Salicylic acid products from Cetaphil are quite popular. The product comes highly recommended by India’s top dermatologist. It is a dermatology skincare product, not a cosmetic or a beauty product. If you have oily or dry skin, Cetaphil Cleanser is a good choice.

Furthermore, their skin-cleansing solutions are more effective in unclogging pores. Cleansing face wash, moisturizer,
and milk lotion crème are examples of skincare products. Skincare products are suitable for all skin types.

10. Lakme

Lakme Skin
Lakme has been considered as one of India’s best skincare brands since its inception in 1952. On the market, it has a large assortment of skincare goods. It also closely follows to international safety norms, reinforcing its position as the industry’s top Indian skincare line. This is once again one of the greatest skin care brands.

It offers a wide range of make-up, skincare, and haircare goods, including eye makeup quads, lipsticks, eyeliner, and even moisturizers and sun screens, all at a reasonable price. This well-known cosmetics company was singled out for its Pore Clearing products, which include a face cleanser, a mask, and a scrub. Although the brand as a whole doesn’t have much to offer just yet, its fruity face washes are a summertime favourite.

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Indian Skincare Brands

Indian Skincare Brands
Regular exposure to toxins-laden substances will have results that are the polar opposite of what you expect. Chemical-based skin care products commonly contain synthetic colours and scents, as well as sulphates and parabens, all of which can have negative effects on your skin. Let’s just say there’s a reason for the current predilection for organic, natural skincare treatments.

As more information about chemically created cosmetics becomes available, the world’s beauty preferences begin to shift. So, if turning organic with your skincare products is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, now is the time to make the switch. Also, your handy guide to determining which natural skincare brands are the best in India and worth going for!

1. Mama Earth

MamaEarth was able to succeed in the business in a relatively short time. It is without a doubt one of India’s top ten skincare brands. Ayurvedic and natural elements are also used in their skincare products. In addition, the newest Mama Earth Vitamin C Face Mask is a hit with people of all skin types.

Their products can effectively clean pores without causing any negative side effects. In addition, they sell Aloe Vera Gel, which contains vitamin E. Anti-pollution skin cream, sunscreen lotion, and moisturizer are examples of skincare products. If you have oily skin, Mama earth Charcoal Face Wash is the best skin care products in India for oily skin

Vegan items for men, women, and even babies are available at MamaEarth. Their incredible line is known for being cruelty-free, toxin-free, and for believing in nature’s growing power. They are the first best vegan skin care products in India.

2. Juicy Chemistry

 Juicy Chemistry
Juicy Chemistry is one of the few Indian brands that is well-known and distributed abroad. Its products are manufactured from fresh, natural ingredients and contain everything you need to achieve attractive and healthy skin. They don’t just sell the term “organic,” but is best organic skin care brands in India.

The body roll-on, Bulgarian rose water, Matcha face pack, and essential oils are among our favorites. Juicy Chemistry believes in simple skincare, and their products have a reputation for delivering on that promise. A large collection of certified organic skin and hair care products designed to eliminate skin and hair troubles and provide you with a wonderful experience every time you use them.

3. Dr Sheth’s

Dr. Sheth

Dr. Sheth’s has been around for a long, but in the last few years, they’ve really stepped up and provided us formulas we adore. Combining science-based skincare with traditional Indian ingredients is something they excel at. They have an Amla and Vitamin C serum, as well as a Haldi and Hyaluronic Acid sleeping pack, for example.

This provides a medium ground between hardcore, clinical skincare and enjoyable skincare for those who dabble in Ayurveda or enjoy high-end cosmetic products. Dr. Sheth’s solutions are designed to address the skin problems that Indian ladies experience on a regular basis. Dr. Sheth’s has established excellent treatments for Indian skin through years of knowledge.

Dr. Seth’s products are ideal for Indian skin and are created with consideration for the environment. The brand is 100 percent organic, and it blends nature and science to create premium products that have been medically tested. To make the skin gently soft, one should absolutely try this native beauty and skincare products.

4. Biotique


Biotique is one of the most established eco-skincare brands on the market. It was founded by Vinita Jain in 1992. Their green skincare and hair products, which are organic and Ayurvedic, are well-known in India. In their line of products, they have a recipe for merging the possibilities of technology and Ayurvedic medicine.

This brand is chemical-free and cruelty-free for animals. They sell a wide range of products, including sunscreens, toners, moisturizers, and much more. Furthermore, they produce different items depending on the season. As a result, they have distinct summer and winter skin care products. They also have a large selection of summer and winter items. The range of haircare and skincare products has received a lot of praise.

With the support of the ancient technology of Rajveda, which was founded in India 5000 years ago by Himalayan masters to preserve the health and beauty of Indian Royalty, the label has now expanded the line to Biotique Royal. The Brand is consistently ranked in the top ten of the best herbal skin care brands in India.

Toners, cleansers, vitalizes, scrubs, hair care, sun creams, eye, and lip care; cosmetics, scrubs, face gel, masks, toners, cleaning milk, lotions, and other products are available from this brand. Despite having the finest quality product, this business undoubtedly provides the most cheap products to a wider audience.

5. Pure Earth

 Purearth India

Pure Earth is an award-winning skincare line that celebrates your skin’s natural beauty with products that soothe,
revitalize, and heal. It was founded in the Himalayas. Explore their extensive line of boujee skincare products, including face mists, creams, oils, and more, and be proud of the skin you’re in.

No one does luxury simplicity quite like this. Kavita Khosa’s 20 years of experience practicing Ayurvedic principles has been condensed into a carefully curated set of magnificent items that you’ll want to smother your skin in.

6. Kama Ayurveda

 Kama Ayurveda

Everyone’s favourite best ayurvedic skin care brands in India is Kama Ayurveda. First, because it is entirely natural, and second, because it is so cost-effective that we never have to worry about blowing our budget. We enjoyed the facial scrub, essential oils, and night cream, and the quality of this incredible brand is excellent, so you should certainly give it a try.

Kama Ayurveda is well-known for its high-quality components, straightforward products, and efficient formulae. Beautiful treatments for the face, body, and hair are created using the Ayurvedic method of healing.

7. Vaadi Herbals

Vaadi Herbals

Vaadi Herbals offers a wide selection of beauty and personal care products and is a perfect mix of herbal science and
advanced technology. The assortment of items available includes the highest quality natural herb extracts at extremely low rates, which is the brand’s main selling point.

Face care includes washes, scrubs, creams, lotions, gels, packs, facial soaps/bars, and facial kits; bath and body care includes oils, soaps, creams, lotions, scrubs, and gels; haircare includes oils and shampoos; lip care includes lip balms; footcare includes creams, scrubs, and soaps; and much more.

8. Just Herbs

Just Herbs

Just Herbs is an Indian herbal and ayurvedic cosmetics company that is well-known for providing the entire ingredient list for its products. Each item is carefully make with verified natural ingredients to provide optimum performance, maximum safety, and a pleasurable experience.

Ayurvedic label that is relatively new, inexpensive, and well-known. Just herbs has developed a cult following throughout the years. Just Herbs is a PETA-certified firm that avoids hazardous synthetic ingredients like parabens, SLS, and others.

If you’re concerned about the dark circles that come with age, Just Herbs has the solution for you. Because of its effectiveness, its under-eye Dark Circle Treatment Kit is a living miracle. They work together to combat bacteria beneath the eyes, reducing puffiness, tightening the delicate skin, and improving skin tone and elasticity.

9. Khadi Naturals

Khadi Natural

Khadi Essentials is a beauty brand to developing excellent skincare products with handpicked entirely organic ingredients and only the best recipes, embracing the authentic Indian beauty roots of Ayurveda. This is one of the greatest natural skin care products in India right now, offers a wide range of rich herbal remedies for a variety of ailments, from the tip of your hair to your toes.

It is not only certified organic, but also 100% vegan and free of SLS and parabens! They offers some of the greatest natural skincare products on the market. Although the product line is not organic, the attractive packaging can be reused and recycled.

Bath salts, body and lip scrubs, and lip balms are among the products available. With Khadi Naturals products, you can have the best skin and hair care routine. It is one of India’s major herbal product manufacturers, and it has a long history of providing personalized goods to consumers with all skin and hair types.

10. Aroma Magic

Aroma Magic

Aroma Magic has progressively become one of India’s most popular homegrown cosmetics companies. They have over 170 signature aromatherapy-based products in skincare, hair care, essential oils, and curative oils, making them the country’s largest aromatherapy brand. They eliminate preservatives, chemicals, and artificial colours and scents in favor of natural components.

Despite the fact that we have a plethora of skincare items at home, the routine offers value. A skincare program keeps your skin in good shape and gives you a youthful appearance. So, here are some simple skin-care steps:

How to build a skincare routine

  • In the morning and before going to bed, wash your face with lukewarm water. In the palms of your hands, apply a light cleanser. Massage the region of your skin and then wash it with cold water. Rub your face with a clean towel as well.
  • Toner is very important to your face. Using cotton, apply a few drops of toner to the skin and gently rub it in. It aids in the exfoliation of your skin and the opening of your pores.
  • In the morning, apply a serum with vitamin C in the components. Serum benefits all skin types and is especially beneficial to acne-prone skin.
  • The importance of spot therapy in daily life cannot be overdo. Use a skin crème with acne-fighting chemicals if you notice any pimples on your skin.
  • The importance of moisturizer for the skin cannot be overdo. After using the toner or face wash, apply the moisturizer right away.
  • Sunscreen shields your skin from ultraviolet rays and helps to prevent skin cancer. Before going out in full daylight, apply sunscreen.



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