Top 10 Best Leather Jacket Brands in India

Owning a leather jacket is one thing that men simply cannot get enough of. The definition of casual, tough, and sophisticated cool style is embodied by the pure leather jacket. A leather jacket is one of the few pieces of menswear that has as much attitude, history, unadulterated masculinity, and adaptability as it has. When it comes to casual clothing, it has a big style impact. An all-time favourite that can be worn in any season and climate are leather jackets.

Best Jacket Brands in India

Both sexes like having one or two leather jackets in their assortment of clothing. We frequently look around us for the Greatest Brands For Leather Jackets to add our favourite colours or best designs to our outfit. When chosen carefully, a cozy jacket may be a great financial investment that lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re searching for something that is simultaneously stylish and fashionable or something that is both light and cozy.
jacket brands in India
In other words, a man’s wardrobe would be lacking without a fashionable leather jacket. No matter where you’re headed—a club, a bike ride, or both—a stylish jacket will always draw attention to your best qualities. Even though it will cost you a sizable sum of money, the finest winter leather jacket for men is one that is well worth the investment if you keep fit, style, and quality in mind as you search for your ideal match.

Men prefer to try on this design since it is one of their favourite wardrobe basics. One jacket instantly improves the appearance. In terms of fashion, leather jackets are fairly common and versatile. We have some choices you can have a look at to find a perfect jacket for you.

Top Jacket Brands in India

These brands will keep you warm and aid in the improvement of your style abilities. You can pair any accessory with these jackets. If you are looking to buy one, read our post Japanese watch brands in India. You ought to think about purchasing these brands for your wardrobe. Finding the best ones will put you on the path to wearing a leather jacket that makes you look fantastic.

1. U.S. Polo Assn.

us polo
American Polo Assn. The name has come to be associated with polo. The US Polo Association, which was established in 1890, is extremely well-liked in India. The number of license partners for the brand has increased from 12 to 70 since the first U.S. Polo Assn store debuted. The USPA brand was first advertised in the US, but it quickly spread to places including Central and South America, Japan, and Australia. The brand is now accessible in 180 nations.
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The sport’s genuine elements, which work to foster an inclusive atmosphere, are represented by the logo. Because the company positions itself as a sport-centric brand, it sees it as its duty to provide items that can withstand heavy usage and wear and tear. The same may be said about leather coats. U.S. Polo is the one of the best leather jacket brands in India for roadies.
This leather jacket is made by a well-known company that sells high-quality clothing for many occasions. Although not real leather, this motorcycle jacket is nonetheless made of leather. It provides the wearer a fully leather-finished appearance.

2. Teakwood

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Certainly one of the more well-known brands in the leather industry is Teakwood. They are a premium brand that offers their consumers top-notch travel and wardrobe accessories. With almost 26 years in business, teakwood is well-known throughout much of south-east Asia, the United States, and Europe. They take great care in the manufacturing process and don’t skimp on quality.
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Teakwood Leathers is the ideal brand if you’re seeking for a men’s leather jacket that is both cozy and fashionable. With a presence over all of India, it serves a vast  consumer base. This business manufactures leather jackets with excellent craftsmanship and a variety of designs. Their coats are constructed of natural-colored lambskin leather.
The brand’s jackets are crafted by hand with excellent craftsmanship from real leather. Despite their durability, they require proper maintenance. They require a standard leather polish that needs to air dry.

3. Roadster

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Roadster, one of the newer brands on this list of the Best Jacket Brands in India, has caught the attention of many in the world of fashion jackets by fusing hot styles with current trends. Roadster is well known for its leather jackets but also offers a variety of other categories. The brand’s leather jackets are high street designs and make for a great option for a casual gathering.
While the majority of Roadster leather jackets are created from real leather, reconstructed jackets are also available for a more comfortable fit. These jackets include detachable hoods to provide warmth whether riding a bike or going out. Numerous leather Roadster jackets come with matching caps and gloves as well. A key item of clothing is the ideal way to express your personal style and create a statement.
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4. Justanned

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Another premium leather jacket manufacturer in India is called Justanned. Since its founding in 1984, the firm has provided customers with high-quality goods. They sell leather coats at reasonable costs for both men and women. They include a full zip or snap buttons for fastening and are available in a standard and slim fit. In India, Justanned is now recognized as a reliable brand of premium leather jackets.
Genuine leather bomber jackets are also available at Justanned. Additionally, Justanned sells leather jackets in a variety of colours, such as black, brown, and biker leather. This business is mostly concerned with young people and their fashion needs. Their styles radiate freshness and appeal to the younger generation right away. This fashionable jacket comes in several sizes and in the colour black.
They have inexpensive leather coats for both men and women. The colours, designs, and sizes of Justanned jackets are varied. They are available in a standard and slim fit and may be closed with a full zip or snap buttons. They have only been able to maintain their relevance in a market that is effectively controlled by a small number of highly regarded companies by using premium components for their goods. When compared to other companies that make use of comparable materials and components, JUSTANNED leather items are exceptionally robust and moderately priced. Because the leather jackets from JUSTANNED are so inexpensive, people frequently forget that they were manufactured specifically for them.
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5. Tommy Hilfiger

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A popular brand among both younger and elderly generation, the entire globe is familiar with and enamored by Tommy Hilfiger. Particularly in the Indian market, where it is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to clothes, and particularly jackets since they are stylish and trendy and are available in the Best Jacket Brands in India.
According to them, some of these are the reasons why it is priced higher than average. The variety of colours available in Tommy Hilfiger jackets gives them a trendy and fashionable feel. The elegantly styled leather jackets have timeless hues and designs that will never go out of style. Tommy Hilfiger jackets offer the ideal fusion of style, quality, and attitude, which when combined results in an on-trend appearance.
The ideal leather jacket will give your clothing character, whether you want a traditional or contemporary bomber shape. Black leather and motorcycle jackets are trademarks of Tommy Hilfiger, and the brand’s items are made for a stylish lifestyle. These jackets also have distinctive embellishments that set them apart from the competition. Even though black is the standard colour for leather jackets, brown and blue are other options.

6. Calvin Klien

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Calvin Klein is an  American fashion house and luxury goods producer formed in 1968 as it gets ready to wear leather, lifestyle wear/accessories, fragrances, and apparel. It is one of the most well-known brands in the world. With its expensive costs and high-quality products, it leads the globe in terms of luxury brands and is among the Best Jacket Brands in India. In particular, the leather goods division’s coats are suitable for warm climates because they are recognised for sourcing premium leather.
The Fox Leather Jacket, one of its many goods, is now the best-selling item among Best Jacket Brands in India. You can check out our blog Dubai perfume brands. Every leather jacket Calvin Klein creates takes on a certain look and personality. The firm carefully selects leather jackets that are ideally merged with modern counterparts in terms of style, material, and craftsmanship while keeping an eye on the newest fashion. The company guarantees that its jackets are of the highest calibre and feature unique designs. These jackets work best for activities like biking and even nights out.

7. Wildcraft

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The well-known brand that is well-known to all Indians, the distinctly Indian outdoor and adventure firm Wildcraft, comes in first place on our list of the Best Jacket Brands in India. Over the past two years, Wildcraft’s goods have seen a sharp increase in popularity; as a result, more than 4,000 multicultural retailers both domestically and abroad now carry their items. Wildcraft now has coats for both men and women in their assortment. It has international distribution and is sold in more than 4,000 multicultural stores in India. Users frequently praise the warmth, comfort, and light weight of Wildcraft coats.
Numerous users of Wildcraft Jackets have cited the jacket’s lightweight feel as one of its primary advantages in addition to its warmth and comfort. The lightweight patchwork jacket for men, which is easily reversible and water repellent and is ideal for further protection against light drizzles during the monsoon season, is their top selling. Wildcraft is a terrific option if you want a leather jacket that looks amazing and lasts for many years. Over the previous two years, Wildcraft has become an even more well-known brand.

8. H&M

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Wearing H & M leather jackets allows you to feel luxury everywhere you go. For the past 26 years, the company has been wowing the public with its fashion. The motto is to fulfil the desire, and the fitting is top-notch. The coats are emblematic of the fashion sense and originality of H & M. You can be sure that whichever jacket you choose is made with original art because the elegant styles are distinctly European.

9. Noora

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One of the most well-known and rapidly expanding brands in the garment sector is Noora International. They are highly renowned for their assortment of branded leather products and formal apparel. They produce things that may last a lifetime and employ practical knowledge to create clothing that connects with their target market. Due to its exceptional product quality and durable clothing, Noora is making significant inroads in the eCommerce marketing field. Noora International has made great strides in terms of growth, product quality, and clientele. Every time you wear these, you’ll get remarks on how toasty and fashionable they are.

10. Cole Haan

Cole Haan Men's Leather Jacket & Reviews - Coats & Jackets - Men - Macy's
The leather jackets from Cole Haan will up your cool factor. Bring home the rebellious look that works for both formal and informal occasions and bicycling. The coats are made to embody the entire concept of style. They are excellent layering items and may keep you comfortable all day. Choose this company and consistently put a look together to nail the appearance and win over the globe. Because the roadster adds a fresh mix to your wardrobe, you’ll never seem out of date.